Gimme Shelter

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Author's note: These chapters are NOT stand-alones...The story starts here.

The candle stick.

While Kaysi is getting Sam2x and Boy2x, Anabel is getting supper started. I am calm enough now to read a book, but I don't want to do that. What I want to do is just sit and watch my wife. She has more than surprised me. I can't account for it, but there she is, humming, swinging her hips and seemingly pleased with herself and the world in general.

Anabel is a beautiful woman. Yes she's older than is Kaysi. But by all rights, she is still young in my world. She's sexy and fun. It has been an education that her sexual knowledge, and mine for that matter, is not nearly as advanced as is Kaysi's, but I expect that Kaysi will remedy that pretty quickly.

Anabel has been, and is, a great wife. Do I really have two wives now? Damn, look at her ass move! God, I want to fuck her again right now!

Did she teach you anything you didn't know, Ray?


Kaysi! Did Kaysi teach you anything about sex you didn't know?

Yeh, she did. I guess I am uneducated.

Yes! Me too! She teaches me a lot! But we will learn!

Yes, Bel, we will learn a great deal. Bel, do you understand that I have fallen in love with her?

Yes, Ray, I know. You feel guilty about that?

I know it's what you wanted and I tell myself I should not feel guilty, but, yes, I do.

Because you broke the marriage vows?


And you know I wanted you to break them, right?

Yes, Bel, I know.

Ray, I love her too!

Oh, Bel, that's not the same. I am only supposed to have one wife and love her only. I am not supposed to love two women.

But you do. You love me and Kaysi. And Ray, that's what I want, so stop feeling guilty. You are going to fuck me again tonight and Kaysi is going to suck your cum from my pussy this time!

Kaysi returns with the kids. The little ones scoot in to the bedroom, and Kaysi teams up with Anabel to get the meal on the table. This having a bigger family has the benefit that I am no longer eating my suppers alone and that is nice. I suspect the little ones are a little worried about me and their mom, now that Anabel is home.

I must not be the only one wondering about that because, when I get called to supper, Anabel lays a big kiss on me and then Kaysi does the same damned thing with Anabel cheering her on. I guess the kids now have the message that there are no secrets here.

I have no idea what part Kaysi had in the meal, but once again, the quality of the meal has clearly been improved. I decide it is probably smart not to mention that and so I keep my mouth shut, other than to thank both for a very pleasant meal. However, Anabel is having none of that! Pleasant? Ray you know very well that this is far better food than what I make! We are very lucky to have Kaysi in our life and in our kitchen! Now tell her the truth!

OK, OK, Kaysi, Anabel is right. The quality of the food you make is extraordinarily good. We are both very lucky that you are here to make our lives more enjoyable. OK, Bel?

Yes, that's better. Now no more silliness. Kaysi and I are not in competition. We are a team. Got it?

I am not sure, Bel, but I am trying, truly I am.

You know, the kids just heard this. I wonder if they can assimilate that. I am, in truth, struggling with this. Compared to Anabel, Kaysi is younger, her body is a bit better, her cooking is far better, her sexual appetite and skills far exceed either of us. Other than her skin being a bit darker, which means nothing to me, I fail to see how Anabel can be sanguine, other than the fact that we are married, I love my wife and will never leave her.

I keep on waiting for the other shoe to drop, and discover the reason Kaysi has been so unlucky, but so far, other than the fact that she likes a bit of pain in her sex, and she needs lots of it, I sure don't see anything. Kaysi seems to be a number one, first class keeper. I guess I just don't get it and don't get why she is ours. Still, she clearly is. Go figure, 'cause I sure can't.

Supper is over, the kids are playing in the bedroom and the girls are cleaning the kitchen, doing the dishes. Once again I am, instead of reading, watching to asses swinging around and being playful. Two sexy as all hell girls seemingly just filled with joy. They are beautiful and they are quite inexplicably going to be in my bed tonight.

No one I know would ever believe this. If I tried to tell any of the guys, they would assume I have either cracked up, am living in some perverted fantasy or am a very bad liar. I will hold my tongue. If anyone should ask, lying by omission may be the only sane thing to do!

The dishes are done and Kaysi has put her kids to bed. Anabel asks if I am up for going to bed a bit early tonight. I am. I took a shower before supper and do not need another one. The same goes for the girls. So we close up the house, locking the gate and move toward the bedroom.

The first time we all three did this, it was a test. This time it feels different. I am no longer concerned about disaster. I want to know what is like to be a threesome and not a pairing with the other waiting. I get the girls to get on either side of me and engage in a group kiss, group hug. Well, we tried, but it's not sexy and doesn't work very well. I admit defeat.

Kaysi, however, has another solution. Both girls slide down and put their mouths on my member, licking me, kissing each other, sharing each other's saliva of my member. It is sexy to watch if not completely stimulating.

Anabel takes me orally. It is the way she has always done it. Kaysi is whispering in Anabel's ear. Bel stops and asks Kaysi a question. Kaysi moves over and shows Anabel something. I think I know what it is, because I can feel the difference. Kaysi stops and Anabel starts again. Yes! I can feel the difference. Kaysi has taught her something. Kaysi says something else. Anabel keeps going, but with yet another difference! God, this is so good! It is so much better than it has ever been!

I am arching my back. The feelings are intense and so immediate. I am luxuriating in it, when all of a sudden, Kaysi's lips are on mine, her tongue is in my mouth, her hands are gripping the hair on my head. Anabel's pull on my loins is insistent. Kaysi inhabits my senses. I see her, taste her, smell her perfume. I will not last long and Kaysi senses this, pulling away from me and pulling Anabel off my dick. Kaysi crawls back to me and whispers, Take her like you did me, ankles in the air! I will finger her ass!

Anabel does not like anything in her ass. Oh well, Kaysi will learn that soon enough. I put my wife on her back and holding her thighs wide, I mount her, hard. I am normally far more gentle, but this time I just slam in and her eyes go big as she looks up at me. I slide my hand up on the back of her legs until I have the back of her ankles in my hands, as I pound her cunt, I am getting in very deep. Anabel is grunting and gasping. But the fireworks are about to begin as Kaysi sneaks in under me. I am prepared for a huge fit from Anabel, as Kaysi invades my wife's ass. But by holding her wide by the ankles, the rectum is already opened and cannot close. Kaysi's fingers get easy entry and Anabel cannot close to force them out, which would have caused pain. So she feels the intrusion but not the pain.

Evidently it gives Anabel the time to adjust and accept the rape of her ass. Just as she has adjusted, Kaysi sticks in four fingers while continue to pound her cunt. The feelings are new, intense and highly stimulating. They must be, because Anabel wails, cums hard and simply does not stop cumming. The pressure on my cock is intense and I blow my load.

Kaysi pulls me off of Anabel and dives in to eat pussy. That sends Anabel into more orgasms. Her legs beating Kaysi's back hard.

When the excitement is over, Anabel can barely walk, Kaysi's back seems to be red and may show bruises later. I am spent. We troop to the shower. It is eleven at night when we return to the bedroom and start changing the sheets once again, when the gate-bell chimes.

Anabel throws on a robe, runs to the Sala and looks out a window to see who might be at the gate. Quickly the curtain is closed and Anabel whispers, Jack!

He is ringing the bell repeatedly. Stepping into my shorts, and sandals, I will deal with this.

As I approach the gate I call out, Hey, it's a little late to be comin' a callin'. What'cha need fella.

He's drunk. I can smell him a few meters away. I come for Kaysi. Tell her to come out.

Jack, I don't figure that I'm about to do that. So you might as well just head home.

Let me in this damned gate.

Jack, if you were nimble and quick you might just jump this gate with a stick, but you're just a damned drunk who ain't worth Jack, Jack. So don't be a Jack Ass. Hit the road Jack, and don't come back. Don't come back no more.

You fucking asshole, you've been boning my girl!

Jack, go home. The only sex you're going to get is if you jack off.

You think you're funny, don't cha?

Uh-huh, I am having I bit of fun at your expense, but you're the one who choked your girlfriend and now the only thing you're going to choke is your chicken.

You're goin'a pay for this!

Jack, you're a sorry fucking drunk. You assaulted your girlfriend. You pull any shit and I will make sure Kaysi lodges a complaint with the police and I will lodge a report with the Bureau of Immigration. You are an embarrassment. Now get the fuck out of here and do not return.

Asshole! You'll pay for this.

Jack, listen to me. You do anything else and even before I call the police, I will put the word out that you are so polluted that you can't even get it up, which is what your girlfriend was complaining about when you, in your impotent rage, choked her. You want that story to get out? I will make sure everyone hears it by nine AM tomorrow unless you clear out and leave us alone.

You better not tell anyone that!

It's up to you Jack. Leave us alone and I don't tell what happened. Otherwise the story gets told. What will it be?

You think your so fucking smart. You'll get yours buddy.

And he continues in that mode as he walks away.

Entering the house, Kaysi is not in a good state. She does not want to go to the police. I tell her I don't think she needs to, but putting the story out to others, might be a very good idea. Anabel thinks that's right, but suggests we all sleep on it.

That's a good idea, but I am too wound up to sleep. Anabel asks Kaysi to give me a massage. Anabel will make me a cup of tea.

§ § §

I do relax, thanks to both the massage and the tea. I suspect, giving the massage settled Kaysi down as well. An hour later we are in bed, the three of us. This is so different. The concept that I will be living with two girls like this from now on, is hard to accommodate. How does this work? I am too tired to give it any serious consideration right now. With Anabel to the right of me and Kaysi on the left, a spoon with a spoon, and a female hand gently on my genitals, I drift off.

§ § §

The girls are up early. Kaysi needs to get the kids to school and Anabel is expecting a number of female visitors today, all wanting the scoop. I figure the best thing I can do, is to be absent. The pickup needs another 5km maintenance and this is the perfect day to sit in the customer lounge for half a day. I'll try to figure out how to spend the rest of the day while I cool my heals at the dealership.

That was my plan. It doesn't work worth a shit. The dealer tells me to come back another day. I get back to the house, in time to see ten females, sitting around the terrace, having a serious powwow. However, the talking stops as I approach. My wife and Kaysi give me a smile and a wave but, it is clear that I should not join or be near them. It is just as well and I enter the house. Maybe I will have the patience to read my book.

Of those, on the terrace, every one of the ones for whom there is a problem at home, is here. Their countenances are sober. This is no 'party.'

I make it through three chapters before the group talk breaks up and my two girls enter the house. I look up but neither wants to share. I am a few pages into the next chapter when Kaysi taps me on the shoulder and asks me to come to the bedroom.

Anabel is waiting for us on the bed. She has stripped off everything except her panties. Once I have entered, Anabel proceeds to undress me as Kaysi disrobes.

I am not complaining but I would like an explanation as to why, why right now. Bakit1?

You not want? Anabel asks and she continues to remove my last article of clothing.

I did not say, 'No.' I am simply asking, why right now, Bel.

Ah. Well, Mahal, Kaysi and me, we are very a lucky girls. Other girls are not so lucky. We hear what their life like and we think, better show you how much we love you.

Bel, I know you love me.

No, Ray, you know I not leave my husband and love you as a husband. You not know how much I 'love' you as a man. That different. You a good husband and a very good man, Mahal. Kaysi and me, we know this. We know this more after we listen to the others.

And with that, Kaysi whispers in Anabel's ear, my wife acknowledges, attaches her lips to my left nipple while Kaysi goes down on me. It not might sound like much to you, but have two beautiful naked women do that to you some day. I am in heaven.

Anabel uses her fingers on the right nipple as she continues to work the left one in her mouth. Kaysi has my balls in one hand, tightly held, a strong suction on my cock and a finger in my ass. Lord help me, I am not long for this session, before I will spew sperm.

I warn them to stop or I am done for. They refuse to stop and in no time at all, I cum in Kaysi's mouth. She swallows all of it. Now spent, they now ignore my supine form and go after each other's cunt in a classic sixty-nine, right to the side of me, eating pussy and mauling each other's breasts. They do not stop until both have cum at least once. It is an amazing erotic performance, but think I am spent, I just lie there and watch it with a shit eating grin on my face.

As they complete and settle down, I pull both up, next to me, each on a side. I love both of you too. But watching the two of you has gotten me hard again. And in truth my flag has started to wave again. Bel, would you mind, if I took Kaysi right now?

I not mind. Do her Ray. Show her your love.

Oh, I will show her something! I slick up Kaysi's ass and my Pride with some KY cream and plunge in while torturing her nipples. All Kaysi says is, Yes! As I pound away, Anabel's mouth is at my ear, whispering, Take her hard Ray! She is ours. We own her. Take her real hard! And at that very moment, as my rod is ramming Kaysi's ass, Anabel sticks at least two fingers in my ass. Jesus! I hit a new gear and smash into Kaysi, and send ropes where is does no damned good. I am bellowing, Kaysi screams and Anabel yells, Yes! Yes!

It's a hell of a way to spend a morning! We lie there for a good half an hour before showering and dressing.

So what happened out there this morning, anyway?

I don't think Anabel really wants to talk about it, but Kaysi is ready. They tell us what their guys are doing. Ray, it is sad. It true, they can leave, but they be very poor then and they have kids. They not want to be poor with children. So they stay even though some of them not married and no legal reason to stay. Some are married and they stay because of the marriage vows. You know, we believe marriage is truly for better or worse. For them it is truly the 'worse.' I know, you say, go to the pulis. But it not easy to do that. And then they very poor too! It very sad.

I see. I am sorry to hear that. I guess I am surprised. I thought the girls came to hear the tsismis2 about the two of you.

Oh, of course, yes! We talk about that too. That why we talk about the other thing. Ray, they want to know what happen last night, because they say Jack leave town today. He say he hate the Philippines and want to never come back! He going to Colorado? Yes I think that it, Colorado. Also they ask, if I am your mistress. We surprised them. I say I am mistress to Anabel and to you. They not know what to say. It confuses them. They say, how that be? I say, it just is, that all. I say I belong here now. I not leaving. ... That when they ask, about you and Jack. Some of the guys know he come here last night. But they not see him again until this morning and then he say he is leaving.

Huh, OK. I wonder if he will really leave or if it is just talk.

He left on Cebu Pacific this morning!

How? He's on a tourist visa and he needs Bureau of Immigration clearance3 to leave!



I not know. Maybe he will find out in Manila when he try to leave!

Yes, and he may have to return to get the clearance.

Oh! I hope that not happen!

Me too, but he has screwed up, in any case.

Kaysi sits down on a chair in the dining table. Aray5! Aray! Ray! What you do to me. It hurt to sit down! Hehe. You do my ass hard. Maybe you are really a bad guy! Hehe!

Ray, Kaysi is telling you the truth about those other girls. I am sad for them.

Yeh, I can see that, Bel. I don't like it any more than you do. But there are plenty of poor people in the Philippines. They will not be alone, in being poor. They need to get away from those guys. No one can do that for them.

It easy for you to say. You not poor.

§ § §

1 - Why?
2 - Gossip.
3 - Holders of Temporary Visitor Visa (also referred to as tourist visa) who have stayed in the Philippines for six (6) months or more must get exist clearance from their local Bureau of immigration office. It needs to be dome at least 72 hours prior to departure.
4 - Is that really so?
5 - Ouch.

§ § §

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