Gimme Shelter

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Reproductive Choice

The trip to the Medical Arts Plaza is the first of many for Anabel, a revelation for Grace, partly a relief for Kaysi and Lailani, in another way a big surprise for Kaysi, and mortifying for Miafe, Mayari and Masaya.

The pap smear results for Grace, Lailani and Kaysi comeback 'negative.'

Anabel, has some problems. She has a low grade UTI, (uterine tract infection,) and two partially blocked Fallopian tubes. The doctor supports Anabel, in her grave concerns, to the extent that if the doctor cannot successfully deal with the Fallopian tubes, a pregnancy is ill advised and risky. But there are things to try. Having received confirmation from the doctor that she was correct in her decision to avoid pregnancy, she is open to resolving the problem in an effort to safely give birth. So, Anabel will be making many trips to the clinic in the coming months. In the meantime, she is to stay on her birth control regime

The doctor tells my wife that I need to get a lab test for my sperm count. Anabel agrees and receives awritten prescription for the test. I can get the test at any of the local hospitals.

The surprise for Kaysi is that she is pregnant. Sam2x is about to have another brother or a sister, some months hence. Anabel seems genuinely happy for Kaysi.

But, knowing that Kaysi is pregnant is not proof that it is mine! Exactly who the father is, is something that will only become clear after birth. That is not to say that Kaysi was unfaithful to me. It is only that the timing makes it unclear if she became pregnant before or after she came to live with us.

Any concern about the physician's response to birth control for the three young ones was put to rest when they claim to not understand any but their native tongue and do not seem to understand any Tagalog, or Cebuano when the doctor tries to talk to them. It's a sham, but it works. Lailani plays translator, explaining that in the village they come from, it is common for the young girls to get pregnant. The doctor decides they need IUDs and inserts the devices in the girls. No pills needed. In an abundance of caution, there is to be no sex for the little ones, for a week. That causes some griping, but the fact that after a week, they can engage in sex, makes the prohibition tolerable.

You can, with some justification, say that I am denying the young ones, their reproductive choices. You see, they would choose to be pregnant. I am denying that choice.

There is something that I don't think folks from other cultures appreciate. These girls and women want to have children. And not just one, but four or five or six or... yes, there are many with eight. They are not being put upon by their husbands. This is honestly what they want. They dote over their nephews and nieces and the children of their friends. Should an older Filipina meet a young woman with an older husband, one of the first questions will be, 'Do you have children?' My wife's fear of having children makes her an outlier. So the race to get pregnant among these girls is the norm and not the exception to the rule.

The girls have been gone all day getting all the foregoing done and I am gathering the information at the supper table. Since there was no time to cook, the girls have purchased BBQ pork, and chicken, on skewers from a vendor close to the house. There is rice, of course, the BBQ, sliced mango, and two bottles of Sprite on the table. I am drinking a Cerveza Negra. It goes good with BBQ.

When Anabel hands me the lab test order paper for my sperm test, there is a bunch of giggling at the table. Deadpan, I ask Anabel, Will you help?

Bastos ka1! Doctor say they give you a sterile cup and you go to the CR. I am not going into the men's CR with you!

The next morning I am at the hospital, sterile cup in hand, in a fairly filthy men's CR. The cup is so small that the head of Peter is twice the inside diameter. Just how do they expect me to get the cum inside and not outside as I stroke my member? Stroking away in a filthy cubicle, in which I do not want my trousers soiled, and with a cup way too small, does nothing to encourage my flag to fly, much less to leave a deposit! And that just prolongs the whole damned experience. There is no one to whom I will complain, once this is over. I just need to get through it and go home.

I do cum, a paltry amount, inside the receptacle and return it to the lab. I am glad to be done with it and trust I will never have to repeat the experience.

I return home feeling anything but horny. The girls are on the terrace with their friends, gossiping and playing Tong-Its. There must be over one hundred pesos in the pot as I walk through. The young ones, including Miafe, are watching Phineas and Ferb cartoons.

I go to the bedroom, strip off my clothing, toss the slacks in the laundry hamper before taking a shower. I want to feel clean again

For the next two days we live in a sex free world. By that I mean, no one seems to feel sexy at all. Anabel is scared of her body. Kaysi is freaking out, not knowing whose baby she is carrying. The little ones are under orders that there is to be no sex. Only Grace, Sam2x and Lailani are theoretically not involved with this malaise, but it seems to infect them as well

I get the results of my sperm viability. It seems that I am a grade A stud. Ninety percent, in my donation, are good swimmers, they move forward, just like they should, and there is an 'over abundance' of them according to Anabel's physician. So all things being equal, I gather that I am a baby making machine

In an attempt to convince Kaysi that her pregnancy is from my efforts, Anabel, without asking me, shares the results of my lab test with the girl. It doesn't help, but what it does do is get Grace and Lailani all revved up

Anabel is afraid to have any more sex, even though she is still on the birth control pills. My test results in this case, freaks her out. The fear that she has lived with in private, has now become a pervasive and over powering fright for her. That is not to say, that she has fallen out of love with me. It is just that she is afraid of dying. It is a palpable fear for her. I understand and give her emotional support and my love. I tell her that there will not be any sex until she is sure she is safe. That is what she wants to hear.

Kaysi, in bloom, is still panicking that I may not be the father. The concept makes her feel unclean. She does not want anyone to touch her. I suspect that this will not change until the birth and DNA test of her child.

The young ones are benched for five more days. I would like to bench them for a few years. That may not be possible. I understand that Miafe will be with me next week, but I feel like the two younger ones ought not to be my consorts. Still the problem is that they, Lailani, and Miafe, do not seem to agree with that.

Grace and Lailani decide I am theirs for the next few days. No one is arguing with them. No one is standing in their way.

But, Grace is no fool. She knows she is potentially poaching in Anabel's waters, even if Anabel says it's OK. Anabel is getting full, no-sex, body massages, every day from Grace. Grace is washing Anabel's clothing. Grace is doing everything she can to let Anabel know that Grace is not a threat to Anabel.

Anabel confides in me that she recognizes what Grace is doing. She is not afraid of Grace. She is allowing Grace to continue with the efforts more to allow Grace to feel safe. Anabel tells me that I am to give Grace a child. Ray, once she has your child, she will settle down. I understand her. It will be fine.

I find it odd that while Anabel is afraid for herself, and living in real fear, she can be empathetic in her connection with Grace. Kaysi is equally supportive of Lailani and Grace, though she is shitting bricks over her own pregnancy.

Though she does not engage in any sex herself, Kaysi, joins Grace, in bed with me, to help Grace learn how to give head properly. She is teaching Grace many sexual techniques.

Grace is an appreciative student. She, further, insists on many 'practice sessions' to perfect her techniques. Now that Grace has a sexual partner, she seems like the energizer bunny. Lailani is getting a bit exasperated, as for five full days, Grace is camping on my bed and claiming all my time.

Grace is also investigating how provocatively she can dress. With her C cup breasts, womanly hips and hour glass figure, she is setting a standard that no one other than Miafe can possibly meet.

It occurs to me that I have begun to think of Grace as a Nun who after a life in a cloistered convent, has taken a sledge hammer to the walls, discovered exactly what is outside, and damnation be damned, wants what she has found.

I fantasize about Grace, seeing her in a habit. I lift the tunic and then her two underskirts, only to find a smooth, hairless, pussy, dripping with the juices of great need. Her garments, of course fabric, are heavy on my arms, as those arms spread her legs, allowing me to enter her with my rigid member. And in that instant, compelling her to renounce her vocation, and attach to me, as she cums for the very first time in her life, much as she did when I took her the first time in her hovel in the mountains. The fantasy plays out, fuck after fuck, as I attempt to inseminate my Grace

It seems, she will suck all the juice out of the fruits on the table of her sexual awakening. She is insatiable in her thirst. Her thighs contain the portal to a chapel of need and desire, which houses within it, a fire of intense heat. That fire requires constant fuel. My cum is the fuel. My cock, both a piston compressing her desire to a combustible density, and a injector, providing the needed fuel.

Her cunt is in constant need of me and what my body offers her. The reality that she is doing everything she can to heighten my desire for her, has not gone unnoticed by me and, more importantly, by Anabel

Anabel seems to think this is funny. Wait, Ray. Wait until she is heavy with child. All this will be a very faint memory. Just get her pregnant! Can you imagine what her breasts will be like? Ray, they do not make bras big enough for her in the Philippines once she is with child.

Grace accommodates me anyway I want, so long as my cum will be lodged in her cunt when the session ends.

Lailani is respectful of her Tita and so does not complain, but I can see that she is feeling a bit out of sorts. Since it is impossible to kick Grace out of my bed, I tell the aunt that her niece should join us. That works for Lailani.

I decide to turn Grace into a handmaiden for my desires. I have her massage Lailani, stimulating the niece's breasts and pussy, and stroking my member, before I enter the younger female. As I fuck Lailani, I have Grace suck on the girl's tits and finger the girl's ass. I am bottoming out in Lailani, and Grace is assisting in driving her niece crazy. When I finally cum inside Lailani, the girl just shakes, quivers and collapses. Grace is smiling. Grace never collapses. All this means to her is that, as soon as she can get me hard again, I am hers.

But I can hold the young ones off just so long. On the eighth day, all hell is breaking loose. When I announce that I will take Miafe to my bed, but not the two young ones, I get what I guess is predictable. Tantrums!

God help me! There must be a rule somewhere, if the female is still throwing tantrums, she is just too young for sex. Grace, Lailani and Miafe, are not supporting me. It seems that this tribe really does think sex begins at menses. Anabel and I are trading looks of real distress. Kaysi seems confused and is trying to get Lailani to explain things to her.

Lailani starts to explain but seeks help from Grace. As Grace joins the two, Anabel sits in and listens too, infrequently, asking a question. I am hearing just bits of this. It seems like an anthropology lesson in tribal culture is in session.

With the four senior females all otherwise engaged, Miafe, Mayari and Masaya surround me. Miafe, speaking for all three, stands directly in front of me and tells me in perfectly clear Tagalog, It's time, Ray. Take us to bed now.

No, Miafe. I will take you, but Mayari and Masaya need to wait a few more years, before we have more sex.

Why? You fucked them before. Why say no, now?

Yes, I know. I made a big mistake before. But I don't have to keep on making the mistake.

It wasn't a mistake. It is not a mistake now. My cousins are yours. They will always be yours. Do not hurt their feelings.

Miafe, they are eleven and twelve! They are too young!

They decide if they are too young, not you! And they say that they are not too young for you!

I hate it when I am presented with a logical argument that exposes what a hypocrite I am. Still I am convinced I am right. These kids are just too young. The fact that I fucked them once each, while in their camp, seems to them to be proof that I should continue the practice; to me it just points out what a fool I was back then. I am struggling to know what to do when Miafe asks, Ray, do we need the mothers here to convince you that you should take these two to your bed?

That focuses my mind in a way that surprises me. It is true, if the mother places her child in my bed, I would probably take them again. That is pretty much what the trigger was for me when I committed the crime. But I do not need or want two more women in this house. There are too many here, as it is.

OK, you win. Are you all three coming to my bed tonight?

Miafe, is the spokesperson for the three. No, Mayari will be with you tonight.

So tonight I will engage in sex with an eleven-year-old girl. Just because I can think of worse, more wrong, things, doesn't make this right. I take this child, who minutes before had been engaged in a tantrum, and lead her to my bedroom. Anabel's eyes following my progress.

Once in the bedroom, Mayari peels all her clothing off, lickety-split. When I suggest that she might want to do that slowly, sexily, I get a look like I am being silly. The object is to have sex and she won't do that with her clothes on! Mayari, next, proceeds to remove all my clothing, pulls me onto the bed, and pushes me onto my back.

She is straddling me. I can see her cunt lips are dry. I make moves to get the KY ointment from the nightstand, but Mayari puts her palm to her mouth, spits on to it and uses it to anoint her cunt with moisture. She repeats the process, anointing my cock with spit, and stroking it as the same time. As far as Mayari is concerned, she, and I, are ready

She maneuvers her cunt over me for the best penetration and sinks down very slowly. It is not that she does not want to do this fast. It is that she is so damned tight that her body simply will not allow it. Things are having to move out of the way deep inside the girl to accommodate my presence. Still, Mayari, presses on pushing me deeper and deeper in until I can go no further. Then, for a bit, she rests.

Mayari wiggles her ass a bit with me deep inside her cunt. She pulls back a fraction and then pushes back down, hard. She yips. The feeling for me is exquisite. Slowly, gently, Mayari increases the tempo. The sensations, for me, beg description. Knowing that I cannot get the girl pregnant is allowing me to enjoy her more than I would otherwise.

I can feel the girl's cunt lubricating freely now. Hot liquid bathes my rigid member. I tell Mayari to slow down if she wants this to last any longer. Her eyebrows flick up once and she does slow down.

There is a big smile on her face. Her eyes are closed. Her cunt is wet. Her body, moving slowly up and down. The slow and intense stroking I am receiving is keeping me just moments from cumming. And then Mayari picks up the pace again. Fast, hard and insistent. This little girl, speared on my cock, is slamming her cunt on my pelvic bone, squeezing my member in an unimaginable way. She is grunting. I am struggling to hold back. It is all too much. I fail

I cum deep inside her.

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1 - “You are rude!” It is often used in a playful way, as it is here.

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