The Joshua Tree

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Juvenile re-mix

Joshua, Mhitze and Arlin got into the shower together and rinsed off the remains of their sex juices and perspiration before dressing again. Once dry and dressed, the had three assembled around the table in the kitchen, eating some rice, pancit, and chicken adobo, when Janna and Ricca came exploding in through the front door. When the schoolgirls viewed the two new girls sitting at the table, and dressed in Janna’s and Mary’s clothing, they came to a dead stop.

Joshua waved them to the table and, grabbing Ricca, lifted her up and onto his lap.

Mhitze, Arlin, let me introduce one of the two biggest loves of my life. This is Ricca. Standing next to her is also one of the biggest loves of my life. This is Janna.

Ricca, Janna, these two girls are Mhitze and Arlin. They are good, sweet and decent, just like you. Joshua paused a bit before continuing. They had their own clothing, but it was so threadbare, worn-out and just in such bad shape, that I got two of your dresses for them to wear for the rest of the day. Tomorrow we will get them some clothing of their own. But in the meantime, because I know your hearts, I knew you would be sad if they had to wear their old things. ... Ricca, Janna, since you two know me well, here's what I want you to do. Take these two to your room and wear them out. OK?

Ricca, with a matter of fact expression, asked, Do we get to choose who?

Janna thought that was a particularly dumb question and blurted out, Mango1! That’s silly, Ricca! We do them both! Come on!

There were genuine confused looks running back and forth between Arlin and Mhitze. They had no idea what Joshua had meant. Just as clearly to them, Ricca and Janna did know, which confused them further.

Still sitting on Joshua's lap, Ricca looked Joshua eye to eye. Joshua, will you join us later? I think Janna needs you bad.

Janna could not have been more mortified. Ricca!

And with that, Ricca jumped off Joshua’s lap and grabbed Mhitze’s hand. Janna grabbed Arlin’s and off they went into the girls’ bedroom.

Joshua sat there at the table: alone, relieved, bewildered, happy, a little tired and, oddly enough, horny.

In the bedroom sat four girls. They had already exchanged vitals like ages and now, one by one, each explained to the other pair how they came to be living with Joshua. Janna had gone first, followed by Ricca. Mhitze explained how she had met Joshua and what their life had been like until that very morning. By the time she got to the end of that, Arlin had but little to add. Janna looked at Ricca and then at the two girls.

[This conversation was in Cebuano and is translated into English.]

Janna, looking more at Arlin, asked, So if Joshua says you are done here in a couple of weeks, you go back to that life?

Yes, it is so, but at least we get food, clothing and a safe soft place to sleep until then.

Ricca was having none of that. Janna I don’t like that. Do you think Joshua would do that to them?

What can he do? Maybe they stay longer, but at some point we go to the USA and they will not be able to come.

Ricca did not understand. Why?

Because the only reason we get to go is that Mom is marrying Joshua. Without that, we don’t get to go either. Mom says we get to go as her daughters.

What if we say they are our sisters? Mary is Seventeen, Arlin is sixteen, you are fifteen, Mhitze is fourteen and I am twelve. We could all be one family.

Arlin was having a hard time understanding that these two girls who they really didn't know at all, were talking about how to make sure they were safe. You would do that for us?

Ricca smiled at Arlin as she told her, Well, that depends on how well you can eat my pussy!

Arlin had never in her life heard a girl say that. She had never considered that she would engage in such behavior. She sure as hell never expected to hear that from a twelve-year-old. She had heard about lesbians, but these girls were fucking Joshua. How could they be lesbians?

Are… you… serious?

Janna, with an air of confidence, I think she is.

I have never had sex with a girl before.

Then this will be the first. Ricca and I will teach you. Ricca, you take Arlin and I will take Mhitze. Mhitze take those clothes off and come over here. Hehehe. You aren’t getting those back anyway, I will give you nicer things when we are done!

To Mhitze’s, mind it was a simple thing. If this is what living with Joshua was about, then this is what she would do with all her heart. She didn’t feel as if she had been dismissed or pawned off. She felt that she was being accepted into Joshua’s household. On top of that, Janna seemed nice and so, why not.

Mhitze shed the clothes that Joshua had provided and came to Janna, who had also shed her clothes. Mhitze could see immediately that Janna had food to eat on a regular basis. The difference between the two girls, about the same height and only a year apart, was startling.

Janna instantly saw how malnourished Mhitze seemed to be. Though she didn’t say a word, her heart was making plans to solve that problem. But for now, it was an issue of bonding. These two girls needed to bond. There was no sense in being rivals for Joshua’s attention. Better to be partners and lovers in all things.

Janna pulled Mhitze to her and brought the slightly younger girl into her arms. She kissed Mhitze’s cheek and neck. And then she kissed the girl’s lips. Janna wasn’t sure how Mhitze would respond. And the response did surprise her. Mhitze kissed her back with meaning and emotion. Janna ramped up her kiss in return and both sought out the other’s soul via lips, tongues, hands and legs. But when Janna found Mhitze’s pussy, Mhitze jumped, not in surprise, but rather, it seemed, in discomfort.

[Translated from Cebuano]




Earlier this afternoon.

First time?

Hindi! Second!

Was he good to you?

Oh my God, Janna, he was fantastic! I never thought it could be so good.

Damn girl, I’m jealous! Ricca had him yesterday, but I haven’t had him inside me for two days.

Haha! So that’s why Ricca told Joshua that you needed him. I bet he gets to you tonight.

I sure hope so! Oh well, it’s time you learned to eat pussy anyway, might as well be now.

Yes, how do I do it?

And with that, Janna guided Mhitze in the mysteries of the eating of pussy. Mhitze learned to use her lips, fingers and tongue good enough to bring Janna off at least three times. Janna started sucking on Mhitz’es nipples and brought on a thundering orgasm without ever touching the girl’s pussy.

At the same time, little, precious and precocious Ricca was advancing the sexual knowledge and competence of her older partner.

Ricca, of course, had a lot to learn herself, but Arlin knew next to nothing. Ricca could legitimately think of Arlin as Ate, as she was the older female in the grouping and thereby clearly deserving respect, but Arlin had never gotten past second grade, while Ricca was the top of her sixth grade class. Ricca’s previous sexual congress with her sister had taught her things, and Arlin had never had such sex. In fact, before Joshua, before today, she had never engaged in any sexual activity.

Not only was she deficient in her sexual knowledge compared to Ricca, but her ability to communicate was far worse.

Arlin’s English was poor compared with Ricca’s, and her Tagalog was far worse.2 Arlin really depended on Cebuano as the only language she was comfortable using.

Arlin was painfully aware that she would be depending on Ricca, and on Janna... and so, the sixteen-year-old was, for now, in the hands of the twelve-year-old.

Ricca was more than precocious; Ricca was damned smart. Her passion to be a doctor was more than idle desire. Her mind was sharp and quite capable. If Ana Fe was the good, decent, loving mother, who would do anything for her brood; if Mary was the careful planner who would make sure they all survived; if Janna was the resident conniver and bomb thrower; then Ricca was the brilliant star in the making.

Ricca knew Arlin was anxious and took things slowly with the older girl. For a while she had Arlin just watch Janna and Mhitze. Then she slowly introduced touching. A slow introduction to each other’s bodies, as it were. Every once in a while Ricca would lean in and kiss Arlin ever so gently.

Incrementally, Arlin relaxed and her mind acclimated to the idea that girls who liked men could also like each other. This was, in truth, a new concept for her, and ran into some deeply held beliefs that one was either a lesbian, and hated men, or normal, and loved men and would have nothing to do with women. She had always thought that she could spot a lesbian 100 meters away. But these girls all loved Joshua’s cock and were also having lesbian sex. It was a lot to take in!

Ricca and Arlin were still exploring each other when Joshua entered the room with a big smile on his face.

I’m glad you girls are getting along so well. But we all need to eat, and some of you have homework to do. Are you all OK if I order pizza? They all were. OK, so I will have some Greenwich Pizza delivered. Janna and Ricca, please get your homework done. Arlin and Mhitze, come to my bedroom. As soon as I have ordered the pizza, it’s time you learned how to suck a cock correctly.

Not fair! I need your cock! Now I won’t get any!

Ricca was laughing so hard that it took a bit before she could get out, Janna! Remember what happened to mother when she complained like that? Joshua gave her what she wanted so much she couldn’t take it anymore!

Mhitze, a little surprised, looked away from her love of the moment, and asked incredulously, Really?

Why do you think we don’t worry about Joshua adding the two of you? Even with the four of us, he wants more!

As this all played out, Joshua ordered three pizzas. He had a suspicion that Arlin and Mhitze would eat a significant amount, and he wasn’t going to get sucked into a discussion with these girls regarding his sexual stamina.

Once in the bedroom with his two new girls, Joshua explained the techniques of giving head. Both girls practiced and critiqued each other’s performance. For close to an hour, Joshua got increasingly better head from these two girls. Arlin got the reward, Joshua’s cum, which she swallowed. He had promised her that his cum would make them healthier.

The two girls were watching him with rapt attention when they weren’t sucking his dick. They were watching him, not because he was God’s gift to women, but because he, and he alone, held in his hands, and his heart, the decision of how long they would be there. Joshua represented a type of salvation.

The fact that he wasn’t mean was a huge plus. Others will complain that a man who has sex with teenagers is hardly a kindly individual, and that anything these girls felt was basically bogus. That being said, it didn’t feel bogus to them. Giving Joshua head and thereby pleasing him was something that seemed like a sensible thing to do. For his part, Joshua, found in these two girls much to like, and much to worry about. Now that he had them, how in the name of — you fill in the blank, — could he cast them out? These girls were not prostitutes. How could he treat them as such? What was to be done?

As if by pre-planning, the pizza arrived just a minute after Joshua had cum in Arlin’s mouth. Janna, knowing where the money was, paid the pizza delivery boy at the door. Ricca knocked on the bedroom door to announce supper was ready. In no time at all, the five of them were dressed, sitting at the table and devouring the pizzas. Watching the progress at the table, Joshua wasn’t sure there would be any leftover slices, and was kicking himself for not ordering a fourth one. But, by the end, there were two slices left, and all swore, through giggles and groans, that they could not eat another bite.

The next day was Friday, and so a school day. As they sat at the table after their supper, the matter of the next day’s schedule came up. Arlin and Mhitze needed clothes and other personal items. The girls, overruling Joshua, decided that they would do this as a foursome, without Joshua’s intervention, over the weekend. Janna and Ricca led the two girls back into the bedrooms and helped pick out clothing for the next day. They would continue to use what was in the apartment for one more day. On Saturday, the four girls would go shopping together. Joshua could be around to pay the bill, but he would have nothing to do with the selection. Joshua complained that the clothing had to be sexy. Janna rolled her eyes and said Joshua should stop worrying. He would like what he saw.

Arlin and Mhitze were silent, almost dumbstruck. They were going to get new clothes? Joshua would spend such money on them? They did not know what was happening. What they didn’t know was that, neither did the other two girls, nor did Joshua. They were, in some way, all flying blind.

The rest of the discussion at the table revolved around the schedule for the evening. Janna was to come to the bedroom right away. Ricca would supervise, but Arlin and Mhitze would clean up the table and the apartment. Bedtime for Ricca and Janna was the normal one, and in their own beds. Arlin and Mhitze would sleep with Joshua tonight. The girls scattered into their different directions and duties. For a few minutes, Joshua took a breather to check his email. His reward was a pile of spam.

Once in the bedroom, Joshua found Janna looking into a mirror.

Am I pretty?

Yes child you are very pretty.

Do you like Arlin or Mhitze more?

No, Janna, I do not. I do like them a lot, but I love you and that is not something that can be measured.

As he spoke, Joshua was removing Janna’s clothing until, soon enough, she was naked.

My turn.

And it was her turn, as Janna undressed Joshua. She then took his hand and led him to the bed, and lay down with him. Climbing on him, she made a beeline for his cock and decided to get him hard as fast as was possible. She attached her fifteen-year-old mouth to his dick and started to work her wonders. There was no need to teach Janna a damned thing. Joshua, who had slipped a Viagra in his mouth during supper, was not having any trouble getting hard. Joshua was already on his back, and minutes later Janna, removing her mouth from his member, mounted his now entirely rigid pole, sliding down on it with gusto.

Now that her body had learned what it meant to make love, she found that she was in frequent need of Joshua’s cock in her pussy. The absences were more than noted; they pained her. She needed her man inside her frequently. That’s what he was to her now, her man. He was tight in her, but she was dripping wet. She was sliding up and down quickly and she maintained the pace. He tried to stop her to get a condom on but Janna refused to stop. Her juices were flowing onto his loins. Her pussy was producing many mini spasms. She had what she wanted inside her and she’d be damned if she stopped for anything. Anyway, she wanted to feel him cum. She knew it was risky, but she wasn’t really thinking or caring about pregnancy right then.

Joshua was the passive one in some respects. He wasn’t moving on his own much. He was letting Janna do that from the top. But her tight pussy was having its effect on him. She was a sight, this delicious young girl bouncing up and down on him. She was lovely, truly lovely and unaffected by years. That would come later. Her slim body, her perky little breasts with dark brown little nipples, her feminine hips, her sweet smile, her rapture, was driving him over the edge, as her multiple orgasms got bigger and more violent. He felt the pressure. He warned her to get off.

She yelled back, No!

His cum was far more that he would have expected, considering the day he had. Janna was drifting in a reverie, as she stayed planted on top of him, not moving. The moment of reverie breaking toward appreciation, Janna leaned over, grabbing her man and whispering thank you again and again in his ear, only being interrupted by her assaults on his lips with her kisses. They stayed that way for some time before Joshua coaxed her back to her own bed and sleep.

He took a brief moment to clean up in the bathroom.

When he returned to his bedroom there were two new occupants waiting for him. Looking at the girls, he smiled and told them that they were there to sleep with him and for no other reason. Should they desire to sleep elsewhere, they were free to do so without repercussions. Neither girl had any intention of moving. Even if they had perceived his offer as a demand, if given their choice, there would have been no different outcome. They wanted to stay with him. They were full, well fucked and tired.

They were his.

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1 - "Stupid!" Yes Mango... (Cebuano) The fruit is called Manga! Generally meant in a playful and teasing manner.
2 - On Cebu there is a bias against Tagalog as Cebuanos fought those in Imperial Manila over which would be the national language. The regional tongue of the Cebuanos lost their fight in the national legislature and Tagalog was adopted. But there is a general reluctance to learn and speak Tagalog in the island of Cebu. English is more likely to be used as a second tongue than is Tagalog.

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