The Joshua Tree

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Who's Driving This Bus?

Joshua was the last one to re-enter the apartment. As he did so, it was apparent that things were in motion. The plastic sacks were the focus of the efforts as things were removed and put away. Oddly, nothing was going into the master bedroom. He was about to ask if he could help when Ana Fe told him to just relax. They would be done in a few minutes.

His laptop computer was still on the kitchen table where he and Mary had used it earlier. Joshua turned it on and waited for it to boot so that he could log in. This version was a lot faster than previous ones, but it most certainly wasn't instantaneous. His mind wandered as he waited.

He was looking forward to lying with Ana Fe tonight. She fascinated him. How could so many men have simply ignored her? Incredible. He wasn't looking for a woman in her thirties, and yet he had found a wonderful one. Go figure. And then there was Mary. He had thought she was expendable to his plans. That wasn't the case anymore. All this was going to take a while to sort out.

When the login screen appeared, Joshua did so and checked his email. There, in the middle of some spam, there was always spam, was an email saying that he had a message waiting for him on the dating website. Thinking nothing of it, Joshua opened up a browser and clicked at the bookmark he had for the site. This required another login, followed by a couple of clicks.

He was now in the mail section of the site. There, before him, was a letter from the second woman he had attempted to contact. In his letter to her, he had not specifically told her he wanted her for her daughters. But in the note (with attached photos) before him on the screen was enough to really get his attention.

It started with a brief statement that she was sorry it had taken so long to get back to him. The woman then went on to say that if he was interested in her and her family, and would marry her — he would also have access to her children. Attached to the email were five photos of the woman with her daughters.

What Joshua was looking at was a woman, at least as lovely as Ana Fe, and children equally alluring as the girls currently in his apartment.

Joshua didn't know it, but Ana Fe was behind him and could read the note.

Ana Fe saw the photos. She also read his brief response.

It was a very simple message. He wrote back saying he was sorry to inform her that he had already met his future wife. He said that he wished her well, but he was no longer available. He clicked on send, paused for a moment, and then closed the browser. After shutting down his mail client, he turned off the computer.

When Joshua stood and moved away from the table, it was apparent that the females had almost everything put away. Ana Fe came out of Mary's bedroom and gave him a big smile.

It was bedtime. Joshua was about to ask Ana Fe about when she was going to send the young ones to bed. He wanted to get under the sheets with her, but she announced, OK bedtime now! Mary and I in the middle room tonight. Ricca and Janna with Mahal tonight. Breakfast at 6am.

With that the two sprites ran over to Joshua, dragging him — willing — to the bedroom. Ana Fe and Mary hung back, making sure all was ready for the morning before they turned off the lights.

Ana Fe had given thought to this plan earlier in the evening. She was still sore, and presumed that Mary was as well. But Joshua had been giving her the eye in a way that told her he wanted her tonight.

He might have gotten what he thought he wanted, if Ana Fe had not read the letter he had just received and his answer to it. That letter was a wakeup call for Ana Fe.

Though she was already committed to Joshua, she now realized how lucky she was that she had answered him first, before the other woman. She had no way of knowing that the other woman had been the second and not the first he had emailed. She had no way of knowing that she was just damned lucky her multi-day absence from writing him back, while receiving the photos, didn't run the risk of wrecking everything. She was lucky she and her daughters had said yes to Joshua's requirements. Clearly, he would have found another who was fully ready to give him what he wanted.

If she failed him... there would be others who would not.

Now she was going to make sure he knew that she was going to never give him any problem with his desires for her daughters. He wanted them and she was serving them up. He was a keeper and she wasn't going to lose him.

Joshua was being pulled into his bedroom by the two girls he had dreamed of since the very beginning. But he hadn't set it up, Ana Fe had done that. He was not the predator, and it felt different. It was playful and fun, but the intense sexy edge was gone. This was sex among spouses. This was sex between individuals and not archetypes. He knew these girls now, and cared about them as people, as his family. It had a different feel.

The girls were peeling off their clothes. They were pulling off his clothing, since he was not acting fast enough for them. He was too slow for everything. They pushed him onto the bed and took off his sandals. His slacks and boxers, which had been around his ankles, were summarily removed and he found himself naked lying on his bed with two girls climbing over him.

One took his dick by mouth and started sucking hard. The other knelt over his head and then squatted down until her pussy was on his mouth. He had thought it was Ricca sucking his dick until he smelled the girl squatting on his face... that had to be Ricca. A shower in the morning was not enough. She needed one in the evening before they had sex. With Ricca's pussy smashed against his face, he went to work and gave her a good eating out. The head job he was getting was competent, but he wasn't going to cum yet.

He had two free hands. He attacked Ricca's pussy with the fingers of his right hand and played with a nipple on her flat chest with the other hand as he ate her out with his tongue. The combination seemed to work. Ricca started flowing female juices from her pussy. The liquid ran down Joshua's cheeks. He didn't stop eating her pussy. He didn't pause. The juices ran more freely. He didn't stop. She started to scream. He didn't stop. Janna was sucking his balls right through his penis. He didn't stop. Ricca was cumming. He didn't stop. Ricca was squirting. Joshua was soaked. He didn't stop. And Ricca came again, grabbing his head, his hair and soaked Joshua a second time.

Joshua stopped.

He was hard, but a mess. Janna was still sucking him, but her jaws were worn out and Joshua stopped her. He was about to go down on Janna but she stopped him, handing him a condom and telling him, Mom gave me this. She told me I had permission to get fucked good and hard.

Joshua opened the condom wrapper and rolled the thing onto his member. Janna watched intently. Once the condom was on, Joshua rolled on his back and Janna mounted him. Her hymen had been broken the day before with his thumb. The remaining membrane was now obliterated as Janna showed the same aggressive sexual behavior she had displayed the first time they kissed. However, when she hit bottom, Joshua's penis was hitting something in her that no one had ever told her about, and it sort of hurt. She let out a yip. The next time she short-stroked a bit. That felt better.

Janna slowed her motion, finding she enjoyed it more, feeling the cock slide in and out. There was more to feel this way, more to enjoy. Her hands rested on Joshua's chest. He seemed to be making noises of pleasure as she worked her way up and down on his member. She found that she could take him a bit deeper now. She experimented on how much she could take. So long as she didn't slam down, she could pretty much take all of him.

She continued to pump up and down as Joshua started playing with her clit. His fingers were having an effect. She was getting juicier. She was losing a little of the sensation, but she was getting real hot now. Joshua whispered something to Ricca but Janna didn't catch it. Ricca leaned in and started sucking on one of Janna's breasts while Joshua played with the other nipple using his one free hand.

Janna's orgasms started as a deep growl, and shook her body like an earthquake. Neither Joshua nor Ricca stopped their ministrations, and so the first orgasm rolled into the second and then the third. Janna's pussy was quivering, spasming, without any control. She slumped forward onto Joshua and then rolled off and to his side.

But Joshua had not cum yet. He was rock hard and about to start masturbating, when Ricca jumped on him. Joshua still had the condom on, and Ricca took advantage of the situation by spearing her little pussy on the cock before Joshua had a chance to say no. Before Joshua could even form a sentence, his cock was six inches deep in her pussy.

It was too late now to say no. She was so tight that he was being squeezed in every way. It didn't take long for Ricca to cum again, and this time Joshua's cum filled the condom. He had never been inside a twelve-year-old, and the reality of it was something that took him over the top far too quickly.

Ricca felt the heat when he came, and though she had barely gotten going, the heat of his cum through the latex condom sent her young body into another orgasm. His penis, with condom attached, didn't exactly slip out of Ricca. She was too small and tight. Joshua had to take care that the condom exited with his member. That done, the scum bag was deposited in a waste basket next to the nightstand by the bed.

Joshua and the girls decided it was time for a shower. Showering with a woman is qualitatively different from showering with a twelve-year-old.

There was no question that Joshua just had his dick in Ricca, but here in the shower she seemed so small, so much a child. As he soaped her body, he was well aware that her world was the world of a child in most ways.

He was aware that he would never be doing this with a twelve-year-old American girl. Quite simply, such a girl would not have allowed it, much less welcomed it. He was aware of the nature of the power he wielded in Ricca’s life. He was aware that it was because of his power and position as an American who could bring her to his country and put her through school, that she not only accepted his touch but fought to have it and keep it.

He was aware, as his soapy hands roamed her body, of the difference between the dreams he had and the reality he was living with this small and vulnerable child.

Was it really possible? Was love, between someone so young and someone such as he, truly possible? He pondered that matter as he dried her off with a large towel. As he moved to a new towel and to Janna, he continued to ruminate on the question of love when such an unequal power relationship existed. Was it the power, was it the age difference, was it meaningful or meaningless? Did it matter, so long as they all won in the end?

Once out of the shower they changed the sheets on the bed before climbing back in. All had been too worn out to play much in the shower and so, within just a few minutes they were getting some much needed sleep.

They were a sight, though no one would ever see it, this older man with his child brides draped over him, all sacked out.

When Joshua awoke, under a blanket of juvenile wives, he felt such a mixture of emotions that he was unable to put a label on any of those emotions. The girls were asleep, but needed to be roused and sent off to school. The rousing was the hard part. They just wanted to cuddle with him. He only succeeded in getting them up by getting up himself and calling for Ana Fe to deal with them as he took another quick shower.

Once Ricca and Janna were out of the apartment, Mary sat on the floor at Joshua's feet, spread out a newspaper under his feet, and took his sandals off. As Mary then proceeded to trim Joshua's toenails, quite unrequested, Ana Fe stood behind him as he sat on the chair and started massaging his back.

Ana Fe asked, Mahal, why do you have to go back to the USA before we marry?

Because the Visa process is for fiancées.

If you do not have to go back before we marry, that OK with you?

I'm not following you.

Mary can maybe explain better.

Mary took up the task her mother had just assigned her. Mahal, I talk to a friend and she say we get I-30 and IR-3 visas if you marry Mom here. You not have to go home. We all stay together. We afraid you not come back maybe. I know it silly but we are afraid.

I will have to research it, Mary. I have not heard of such a thing.

Mahal, I do that for you. I start up your laptop this morning. Look at the embassy web page. It is all there.

And it was there, just as Mary had said. It outlined the process. Why hadn't anyone mentioned this on the websites he had visited? Just to make sure, he did a search on the USCIS website and confirmed the information. The US State Department had information regarding marriage in the Philippines. It said he would need to get from the Embassy an "Affidavit in Lieu of a Certificate of Legal Capacity to Marry" and it told him what the embassy would need in order to issue that. As he reviewed the list of things, he assured himself that it was doable. The site went on to explain the whole process:


Once the person has the affidavit, he/she can file the application for a marriage license at the office of the local Philippine Civil Registrar of the town or city where one of the parties is a resident. The U.S. citizen applicant will need to present the affidavit, death certificate or divorce decree as mentioned above, U.S. passport, and documentation regarding parental consent or advice if applicable. Marriage applicants who are age 18 to 21 must have parental consent in writing, those age 21 to 25 must have written parental advice (a written indication that the parents are aware of the couple's intent to marry). The revised Family Code of the Philippines, which took effect on August 4, 1988, prohibits marriage for individuals below the age of 18.

Normally there is a ten-day waiting period before the marriage license is issued by the registrar's office. In some instances the fiancée may apply in advance for the marriage license with the local civil registrar. The American citizen must then obtain the affidavit of legal capacity upon arrival in the Philippines and file it immediately with the civil registrar where the fiancée applied for the marriage license. A marriage license cannot be obtained by a fiancée without presence of the prospective spouse.

The marriage can be performed by a judge, justice of the peace, priest, or minister of religion.

I guess I will not need to do any more research for what I have to do to marry here.

So, we marry here?

Joshua had been outflanked. The wind had been spilled from his sails. His ship had been boarded and he was no longer in control of the rudder.

Yes, Ana Fe, yes Mary, we will marry here. I will stay with you.

Forever, Mahal?


Good, we need to visit my parents. Mahal, we need to bring some presents. And we need to have a wedding party! Mary, how many Lechon [roast pigs] do you think we will need?

Mary was finishing up the buffing of Joshua's toenails and was about to start on his fingernails. In Cebuano, she asked her mother how many would be invited, when would the wedding be? Where would the wedding be? Would they not need to rent a hall? Ana Fe switched the conversation to English and gave Mary a sharp look. The conversation went on for the better part of an hour, long after his toenails had been finished and Mary had switched to her mother's nails. She was still working on those nails when the conversation ended.

Joshua, how long until paperwork complete and you will be able to marry mom?

From what I read, maybe two months. It might take up to a year before we could get to the USA.

Mom and I get everything ready for you for the marriage. You get affidavit OK? When we do all we can on that, we visit my grandparents. Mom not think you need to ask permission but you need to meet them and the family. We not have a party then. We have party when you marry. I work with you on money and make sure not too much, OK? Oh, and I have a question. Is it possible to start some education now since we be here a year?

OK on working together to control costs. What type of education are you thinking about?

Also Mahal, you need a special shirt for the wedding. It called a Barong Tagalog and I think we must have it made special for you because you are so big. We can go to the Mall and order it there. — Mahal, I want go to school for cooking and also to improve my English. Mary go to school for bookkeeping and also English. That OK?

Assuming we can afford it, yes, it is OK.

Ana Fe was pleased, but then Ana Fe, thinking again about that email from the previous evening, worked up her courage and asked, Mahal, you want all us for sex or maybe you just want Ricca and Janna? I agree whatever you want.

I want you and Mary very much Ana Fe. Just as much as Ricca and Janna.

It was Mary then who asked, This the truth? You truly want us?

Yes, more now that I know you, I want you both very much.

Good, we want to be with you tonight. Now, Mom and I go to get our paperwork ready for you. I need a passport and so do Janna and Ricca. Mom get hers after you marry her. We need official birth certificates. Mom needs a Cenomar1 from the NSO2. We will use some of the money you give us and we will go do these things today. OK? It OK if we pay extra for faster papers? We be careful and not pay too much.

Joshua, laughing, Yes, OK... careful with the bribes. Do not mention the money comes from a Kano!

Now is was Mary's turn to laugh as she responded: Joshua, we are not stupid. We not tell anyone.

It took them an hour to get fixed up to go, but go they did on their document gathering mission. It would be the first of many such missions over the coming months.

And then they were gone; the apartment was empty of the females who had filled it. Joshua opened up the laptop. He was going to send an email to his attorney to instruct him to send a certified copy of his divorce decree to him via FedEx. As he had his passport, that and the decree would be all he needed to get the document from the Embassy. But once he loaded the mail client he noted that he had mail waiting from the dating website.

So after sending his note off to the attorney, he entered the website to read the mail.

It was from the woman he had emailed the evening before. She was pleading for Joshua to reconsider — to just talk to her — to just meet her when he came to the Philippines — to allow her to send him some photos to a mail box not connected to the website, where the photos were screened by the site admin.

As he looked at her letter, feeling sad for her and wondering if, even with all he was feeling for the family he had chosen, he had not chosen too quickly, he was 'buzzed' from the site. The woman was online right now and wanted to open up a chat session with him.

§ § §

1 - Cenomar means certificate of no marriage.
2 - NSO is the National Statistics Office.

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